Johannesburg - An eight-year-old girl was greeted by the lifeless body of her grandmother lying dead on the floor and that of her grandfather hanging from the roof.

The girl’s grandmother, 62, had an open wound at the back of her head. It is alleged that her 64-year-old husband had killed her using a heavy object, before using a rope to take his life.

The incident happened just after noon on Monday in the couple’s home in Protea South, Soweto. After seeing the bodies, the girl ran to seek help from neighbours.

A 23-year-old neighbour said that, together with a friend and her grandmother, they rushed to the house after the girl had alerted them about the incident.

“The child was crying when she ran out of the yard. When we asked her what had happened, she told us that her grandmother was dead,” said the woman, who asked not to be named.

She said she had thought the elderly woman had fainted when she arrived as there wasn’t blood around her.

“I was only aware that she was dead when I saw her husband hanging in the passage not far from her body, which was just between the bathroom and the passage,” she said.

The woman said she had called the police immediately.

Another resident said they were saddened by the deaths, but were not surprised that the man had allegedly played the main role.

“This man had no mercy. His wife was a humble person who didn’t deserve to die in this manner. She was a sweet person who was punished for nothing,” the woman said.

She described the elderly man as an abusive person.

“He was very cheeky and selfish. I don’t think he would have allowed the woman to walk out of the relationship,” she said.

He didn’t seem to like people, and you were considered lucky if he exchanged greetings with you, the resident added.

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