File photo: Durban metro police boss Eugene Nzama has been offered two years' salary to leave his job, a source has confirmed.

Durban - eThekwini metro police boss Eugene Nzama has been offered two years’ salary to leave his job amid claims of political meddling, ending a protracted battle between him and the city.

But the exact amount he stands to pocket, if he accepts the offer, is undisclosed.

The city has even called on ANC heavyweights, including the party’s regional chairman, Health MEC Sibongiseni Dhlomo, to broker an agreement with Nzama, but sources said that those negotiations had failed to yield positive results.

The Mercury has been reliably informed that the municipal manager S’bu Sithole, with the city’s legal team, is drafting a settlement for Nzama which is expected to be presented to him next week.

The proposal is a one-off lump sum, equivalent to 24 months’ salary, if he agrees to go. It apparently includes a clause that his acceptance is final and unconditional and that he will have no further claims against the city.

Another source said that Nzama was likely to receive a golden handshake running into millions after several attempts by the city to get rid of him had failed.

One option reportedly given to Nzama was that he become head of the disaster management unit, but he declined


Nzama was employed in 2002 as the executive head of the Durban metro police on an initial five-year contract. He continued in his role after the contract, and in July last year was controversially granted permanent employment.

Earlier this year, he was placed on three months’ special leave after complaints from the metro police about corruption, nepotism and harassment.

He was only reinstated after challenging the move in the Durban Labour Court.

His lawyer, Zane Haneef, refused to comment on the possibility of a golden handshake, saying that Nzama had “ongoing meetings” with Sithole.

DA caucus leader Tex Collins said that whatever the terms and conditions of the settlement were, Sithole should consult the executive committee because there were financial implications for the city.

“He [Sithole] should not go off quietly and negotiate with Nzama and then come back to exco and say this is the deal,” he said.

The Mercury tried repeatedly to get hold of Dhlomo and Sithole but was unable to do so. - The Mercury