Denise Goldin is extremely relieved after a gruelling eight-hour parole hearing during which she came face to face with Nurshad Davids, implicated in the 2006 kidnapping, hijacking and robbery of her murdered son Brett Goldin and Richard Bloom.

Two men found guilty for their roles in the murders of actor Brett Goldin and fashion designer Richard Bloom could soon be free.

Jade Wyngaard and Nurshad Davids are only halfway through their 12-year sentences, but are expected to face a parole board hearing on July 4.

Prison authorities have informed Goldin’s mother

, Denise, that an amendment to the Correctional Services Act states that prisoners “can be conditionally released after completion of half of the sentence”.

In addition, the prison says, the two men, who were 18 and 19 at the time of their sentencing, could also receive six-months special remission of sentence due to Zuma’s amnesty.

Denise Goldin said the two were not innocent bystanders in her son’s 2006 murder and she believes the sentences they received did not fit the crime.

Wyngaard and Davids were sentenced to 15 years each, but three years were taken off because they agreed to testify for the State at the trial, which never happened because a plea bargain took place.

Denise now wonders why the murder of her son and his friend is only worth six years in prison.

Correctional Services spokesman Phumlani Ximiya said being considered for parole did not mean a prisoner would be let out.

“The parole board considers many things, including the families of the victims. They are informed of the parole hearings and given an opportunity to respond to it,” said Ximiya.

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