EFF invited members of the media to a Press Conference addressed by CIC Julius Malema at there head office in Braamfontein, Johannesburg. Picture: Antoine de Ras, 04/02/2016

Johannesburg - The Gupta family on Tuesday lodged an urgent application against Julius Malema and the EFF for an interdict preventing them from uttering threats of violence against the family and its employees, including The New Age and ANN7 television channel.

The family turned to the high court in Pretoria, stating that Malema and his party are inciting violence.

It is understood that the application will be defended on behalf of Malema on the basis that he and his party did not intend to execute their threats with violence.

It is meanwhile a busy day for Malema, who made a turn at the Pretoria court on Tuesday morning, looking relaxed. He was expected to head to the Constitutional Court application against President Jacob Zuma.

Nazeem Howa, CEO of Oakbay Investments, the Gupta holding company, said in a statement handed to court that he is taking the threats made by Malema seriously.

Last week, Malema told a press conference that he banned any journalist belonging to the Gupta stable from covering and attending any EFF events.

Malema, among others, warned about the Guptas and their employees that “no one can guarantee their safety in this Gauteng.”

Howa said this is a clear message. “The respondents (Malema and the EFF) intend to use their members and their resources to destroy the business of the applicants and will stop by no means to violently prevent the applicants from conducting its business on a day to day basis.”

The urgent application is meanwhile due to be heard sometime on Tuesday morning.

The proceedings stood down as Judge Johan Louw first wanted to call the urgent roll for the week.

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