Rodavan Krejcir appears at the Palm Ridge magistrates court for a fresh application for bail. Picture: Antoine de Ras, 24/02/2014

Johannesburg - There was high police visibility at the Johannesburg Magistrate's Court where Owen Serero was expected to appear on Monday.

A group of six armed police officers were stationed outside the courtroom.

Serero has allegedly been linked to the attempted murder of investigators in the case against Czech fugitive Radovan Krecjir.

Last week, he refused to come to court.

Prosecutor Penny Pillay said Serero was refusing to come to court; he was not responding to his name when he was called.

“On his next appearance he will be dragged out of the cell to court if that will be necessary,” she said at the time.

Serero faces three charges of robbery, two of possession of illegal firearms and ammunition, three of motor vehicle theft, one of contravening traffic laws, one of interfering with an investigation, and one of escaping from custody.

He was also part of the group of people arrested in connection with the alleged attempted murder of the investigators in Krejcir's case. - Sapa