13/01/2012 Police stand next to a blue jaguar that went out of control and crashed into a house in Lyttleton. Picture: Supplied

Pretoria - A luxury vehicle, believed to be that of a government official, crashed into a house in Centurion early on Sunday.

Three family members were asleep in their Lyttelton home when the driver of the Jaguar crashed into the house.

The man fled the scene after the accident.

The driver crashed into the double-garage doors, mounting two cars parked inside the garage.

A government personnel card was found in the car, leading the police to assume it might be a government official.

The crash caused considerable damage to the wall, cracking the entire structure, said family member Zerilbi Pieterse.

“We are just glad that no one was hurt. We were all sleeping.”

According to Pieterse, the incident happened at 3.04am, when all the family were “deep in sleep”.

“When we heard the crash, we ran out to see what had happened, only to find that the driver had fled the scene.”

Family members claimed the abandoned car contained an empty whisky bottle and several bottles of beer.

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