09/04/2014 Durban Mthobisi Mabuyakhulu was raped by three women for more than 12 hours at Gingindlovu area, while he was hiking back home. PICTURE: SIBUSISO NDLOVU

Durban - A North Coast man says he fears for his life after allegedly being gang-raped at gunpoint by three women last week.

They then threatened they would contact him when they needed him again, he said.

He told the Daily News last week that his ordeal lasted four hours and each attacker had raped him three times. And throughout the 12 hours that he was held by them, they allegedly pointed a gun at his face and made him believe they would kill him.

The 25-year-old Gingindlovu man, who has laid charges with the police, took a Daily News team to the spot where he said he was picked up by the women in their navy Toyota Tazz.

Police spokesman, Captain Thulani Zwane, confirmed the matter had been reported and was being investigated. He said that on Saturday at about 4pm the 25-year-old man was allegedly raped by three unknown women at Amananda Road in Gingindlovu.

A police source said as part of the investigation the man had been examined by a district surgeon.

Recounting his ordeal the still visibly shaken man said he had been hitchhiking to his home at a sugar cane farm, when the occupants of the Tazz, which did not have a number plate, stopped and offered him a lift.

“The women looked decent. They were in their thirties; two were slim and the third one was fat.

“As they were driving, they asked me my name and where I lived. Then the driver turned the car around and they said they wanted to go somewhere first.”

He was sitting next to the driver


When he asked to get out of the car, the woman sitting behind him tapped him on the shoulder with a gun. “She said if I make noise she will shoot me in the head. She told me to look down and not at them. From the corner of my eye I could see the lady behind the driver take out a gun from a purse. She placed it on her lap and kept rubbing it.”

He said the women drove with him in silence until they got to Amatigulu and the woman sitting behind him got out of the car and spoke on her phone for a while.

“They drove the car towards Mandeni. It was about 5pm. Before we got to Nyonini, they parked the car on the side of the road and spoke to each other in a language I didn’t understand.”

Eventually the car was driven towards Amatigulu again and once there, the driver parked at the side of a gravel road where the woman behind him got out and went to the boot. “She had two blue towels with her. She laid these down on the ground on the driver’s side. She came to me and pointed the gun to my face and told me to get out.

“The woman who had been sitting behind me, in a brown dress, had a gun pointed at me and I took off my shoes, pants and underwear. I was told to lie down.”

One woman, wearing black, allegedly began rubbing his private parts and then raped him.

“They each raped me three times. They were all not wearing underwear. When they were finished the one in brown went to the boot and returned with three face cloths. I was given one and told to clean myself. The other women cleaned themselves with the other ones.”

He said that around 11pm the two women, in the pink and black dresses, sat in the front passenger seat and fell asleep while the one in brown knelt on the driver’s seat pointing a gun at him. He said he was in the back seat by himself.

His alleged rapists appeared sober and he did not smell any alcohol, he said.

At 4.30am the woman in the brown dress woke her friends and the driver got into the car and they drove around until 8am before driving to Mandeni where the woman in brown got out, eventually returning with a plastic bag, he said.

“They drove to Nyonini near a stream and ordered me out the car. I was taken to the stream and the two slender women undressed and began washing themselves. I was told to do the same. The fat one had a gun pointed at me.”

When they returned to the car, the women offered him the food in the bag but he refused. They ate.

“It was 11.30am when they drove the car towards Mandeni; we drove around slowly.

At 5pm they began driving out of Mandeni slowly and at 6.30pm on Sunday, he noticed they had returned to the spot where they had picked him up.

“The car stopped and I was told to get out and the one in brown gave me my phone back and told me if they needed me again they would phone me.”

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