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Johannesburg - The Protea Magistrate’s Court has heard how one of the two female relatives accused of sexual assault asked a 17-year-old boy to undress and show them his penis.

The two relatives, who have been dubbed “the two sisters”, are accused of sexually assaulting and raping two mentally challenged boys, both aged 17. Taking the stand on Friday, one of the boy’s guardians testified that she came to know about the incident after the grandmother of her nephew’s friend had arrived at her home on April 15 last year.

“She called me outside to ask me if Bheki* had told me what happened. I said no. She said her grandson told her that Bheki was ordered to take off his trousers and show his private parts to one of the accused,” she said.

The guardian said while talking to the grandmother, Bheki approached the kitchen when she then called him outside to join them. “When I enquired, Bheki took time to answer me but confirmed the incident.”

She said after the boy’s grandmother had left her home, about 20 minutes later, the grandmother called to inform her that she was coming again.

“She told me not to sleep as there was something going on again. When she arrived, she told me that her grandson told her that he was raped by accused two. I asked what do we do now when things are like this? I then called the police.”

Asked by the defence lawyer, Freddie Silamulele if the boy drank alcohol or kept secrets from her, the guardian replied and said “No”.

However, Silamulele brought to her attention that the boy had told the court that he was given wine during his visit at the accused’s home.

Asked if she knew about that, she said she knew but forgot to include it in her statement.

Warrant Officer Arinao Kharibe testified that he made an arrest on April 21. He told the court that he had been at the suspects’ home before, but found no one.

He added that he was surprised one day while on duty, when a woman had arrived at the station looking for him. He said it was the suspects being brought to the station by the accuser’s guardian.

The court also heard that no DNA tests were conducted after the incident. Silamulele told the court that no arrests should have been made because investigations were not done properly.

The trial continues on March 19.

* Not his real name.

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