A reward of R5 000 has been put up for the safe return of dog-napped pooch, Paris.

Paris, a Durban woman’s precious pooch, is so small that she fits into a handbag - and despite her size, is brave enough to take on a bulldog.

But the miniature “Teacup” Yorkshire terrier - so called because of her size - was no match for a tattooed dog-napper who picked up the little scrap of fur and made off with her on Saturday night.

Now her distraught owner, Melody Langeman, is beside herself with worry and her equally heartbroken boss, Tracey Thompson, has put up a R5 000 cash reward for Paris’s safe return.

Langeman has had the 2-year-old pet - a gift from a former flatmate - for two months.

“She is no more than 2kg and about 20cm long. But she is brave and can take on bulldogs,” she said.

Langeman, who lives in a North Beach flat, went out to celebrate her birthday on Saturday and left her pet with a “babysitter” in another flat.

“Paris got out and ran off, but was brought back. But then, she got out again and ran down the road.

“A customer at a beachfront restaurant saw a well-dressed, tattooed African man in denim shorts pick up Paris, and head off down the beach with her,” she said.

Langeman is worried that the dog-napper will sell Paris.

In a bid to get her pooch back, Langeman plans to put up “missing” posters and contact the SPCA.

Paris has a black body, a beige face and legs and is copper behind her ears.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Langeman at 073 114 9355.

Meanwhile, a New Germany dog owner is also frantic after his American pit bull terrier – ill with cancer – was stolen from his home last Friday. Shannon Munn said his domestic worker saw “two boys” open the gate, lasso Mustang then pull him away.

He was not home at the time. Their security company was alerted but the thieves were long gone.

Mustang, who has severe skin cancer, was recovering from an operation and is due for another in two months.

“I suspect he may have been taken to be used in dog fighting,” said Munn. He can be contacted at 083 655 5321.

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