Cape Town-11-02-2013 Matthew Prince one of the suspects in the case of rape and murder of Anane Booysen,was realesed on saterday after police did not have any evidence linking him to the crime .pic Phando Jikelo reporter Megan Baadjies

Bredasdorp - A man who was locked up and then released for Anene Booysen’s murder says police have ruined his reputation.

The 23-year-old Bredasdorp mechanic claims he didn’t even know the 17-year-old victim when cops accused him of her rape and murder.

Matthew Prins was the third person arrested last Friday in connection with Anene’s death. But he was released the next day after police found no evidence linking him to the case.

Matthew said that he was visiting a friend the night Anene was attacked.

“I was in the area but I wasn’t at the pub [where Anene was],”he said. “I don’t even hang out at that place.

“I only heard about the incident the following Tuesday afternoon when police came to raid our place.

“[During the raid] police found blood on my [car] seat. But the blood had been there since the week before when I went fly fishing.

“I tried to explain this to police but they wouldn’t believe me. I think that is how they thought I could be involved.”

Prins said he was called to the Bredasdorp Police Station on Friday so cops could check his SIM card.

“I went with my brother and while I was there they kept me,” he added.

“They treated me like s***. I felt bad for my family because this was hurting them.

“I mean, it’s rape and murder and I wasn’t even involved in anything.”

Prins claimed he doesn’t know the two accused who are currently in custody.

“Even though I was released, it still doesn’t change what happened. People now look at me like I’m one of them [suspects],” he added.