Paul O'Sullivan forensic investigator talks about the foiled assasination on his life while eating breakfast (Jungle oats). Picture: Antoine de Ras, 10/01/2014

High-profile forensic investigator Paul O’ Sullivan is adamant he needs no protection.

“If anyone wants to come after me they can do so. I don’t need the police to protect me,” he said on Ffriday a day after police foiled an assassination attempt against him and top intelligence officer Colonel Nkosana “Killer” Ximba.

The security expert would not delve into his security plans.

“I won’t discuss who protects me or what I do,” he said.

O’ Sullivan said he was sure of one thing - that more arrests were inevitable in the coming weeks. Two men and a woman were arrested on Thursday. They are believed to be part of a plan to slay O’ Sullivan and Ximba.

One of the three suspects has also been linked to the kidnapping and attempted murder case for which Czech Republic businessman Radovan Krejcir has been charged. He was arrested in November last year and refused bail this week.

This man is due to appear at the Palm Ridge Magistrate’s Court on Monday on the same charges as Krejcir, while his accomplices will appear at the Alexandra Magistrate’s Court for alleged conspiracy to murder, theft and possession of a firearm.

Lieutenant-General Solomon Makgale said they were now looking for the sixth suspect in the Krejcir kidnapping case.

He added that in O’ Sullivan and Ximba’s case, they had arrested all the suspects implicated.

An undeterred O’ Sullivan said he firmly believed Krejcir had orchestrated his assassination attempt as he had tried killing him before.

There has been no love lost between the two men.

Krejcir in the past described O’ Sullivan as a self-appointed “white knight” who thinks he is untouchable.

Meanwhile, the attempt to appeal the decision made by the Johannesburg High Court to overturn Krejcir’s failed bail application has also failed.

The 45-year-old’s intention to appeal the ruling at the Supreme Court of Appeal was denied on Friday by Judge Leonie Windell. On Thursday, at the Johannesburg High Court, Krejcir’s family anxiously awaited word on whether the Czech businessman would be allowed to return home.

Krejcir did not appear in court but remains in hospital, apparently because of a chronic condition that could lead to renal failure. But Judge Windell’s judgment was clear, and she lashed the defence team for failing to disclose all Krejcir’s past convictions in what she called an “opportunistic” application to overturn magistrate Reginald Dama’s bail ruling.

Krejcir’s lawyer, Francois Roets, asked the court on Friday for leave to go to the Supreme Court of Appeal. Judge Windell denied the leave to appeal the decision, saying that there were no reasonable prospects of another court coming to a different conclusion from the one she had already made.

In her judgment, the judge said an SA Revenue Service affidavit revealed Krejcir had no personal banking accounts in South Africa, and that none of his local businesses were in his name. He also has no direct assets in South Africa, with his Bedfordview mansion owned by his wife’s company, Groep Twee Beleggings. His wife is also the sole member of DKR Auto, which owns about 28 motor vehicles, boats and motorbikes.

Roets said Krejcir stood to lose R60 million in the event of him absconding trial so if he was released he would not be a flight risk and would stand trial when the time came.

He said the issue with the false passports was explained and that Krejcir had gone through the correct channels to obtain the documents.

- Pretoria News