Cape Town-14-04-2014 Tina Lwazi Ngozi killed his own mother Ntombi Ngozi in Khayelitsha Picture Ayanda Ndamane

Cape Town - A teenager accused of stabbing his disabled mother to death told a shocked court that he did it because she was abusing him.

Ulwazi Tina Ngozi appeared at the Khayelitsha Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday to hear whether he should be sent to a psychiatric hospital for mental observation.

The 19-year-old is facing a murder rap for allegedly stabbing his mother Ntombi Ngozi, 44, to death in April at their Site B home.

Ntombi was found lying in a pool of her own blood, with stab wounds to the head and chest.

She had a stroke years ago and had lost the use of both arms.

At the time, the Daily Voice reported that Mgozi was arrested two streets away from his home, covered in blood and sitting at a corner a few minutes after the incident.

His relatives requested that his mental state be assessed after telling the court he had a history of epilepsy.

But his defence lawyer Thandisizwe Mpayipheli shocked the court when he revealed that he would no longer continue with the application to send his client to a psychiatric institution.

Magistrate Gary Haremse questioned the accused to evaluate whether or not he understood the proceedings.

Ngozi went on to explain that he knew where he was and what was happening.

When asked if he knew why he was in court, his response caused a chilling silence followed by audible exclamations from the stunned public gallery.

“I stabbed my mother because she was abusing me,” he said.

He went on to say he remembers the events that took place on the day and understands the charges against him.

He reiterated that he was not ill.

Haremse said he was satisfied with evidence that the accused was not mentally ill.

He postponed the matter for July 4, for a formal bail application.

Outside court, visibly shaken relatives said they don’t believe the claims of abuse made by the teen.

His aunt Khukulwa Gobingca, 51, said her sister was too frail to care for herself, let alone physically harm the accused.

“She could not have done anything to him because she couldn’t use her hands,” she said.

“Tina had to bath and feed her as a result, maybe that was the abuse he was talking about.

“But looking at them together, how close and affectionate they were towards one another, one could find it hard to believe the claims he is making right now.”