The robbers kept driving this getaway car, even after they crashed it. Photo: BONGANI MBATHA

Durban - A security guard who dodged more than 10 bullets fired at him says he is lucky to be alive. However, Cameron Naidoo is celebrating more than just his life after three of the four men who allegedly broke into a house were arrested after a dramatic high-speed chase.

Naidoo, 29, a guard for Marshall Security, was on patrol in Avoca Hills, Durban, when the control room alerted him to a housebreaking in the area.

“Last week Friday at about 12.45pm we were told that there was a housebreaking taking place, but no one was home, so a neighbour alerted us,” Naidoo said.

“When I got to the street, I stopped two blocks away from where the incident was taking place. When I got to the driveway of the home, I saw a car at the top of the driveway and a man sitting in it,” he said.

Within minutes, three other men walked out of the house carrying goods.

“I asked them very politely to stop what they were doing, which they did not listen to. I took my gun out but, before I knew it, one guy had his gun out,” Naidoo said.

After swearing at him, the men tried to run him over, but he jumped out the way. They then fired a shot at him, which missed. He ran to his patrol vehicle and chased the men.

“As I was chasing after them I radioed for back-up. They continued firing shots at me. They probably shot at the car about four times, but by some miracle no bullets hit me,” he said.

Naidoo said the chase continued for three minutes until the men crashed their getaway car. However, even that did not stop them.

“Even with the car smashed and things falling off it, they kept driving until they got to bush where they abandoned the car,” Naidoo said.

According to Naidoo the men then ran into the thick bush and continued to fire at him. “I just kept thinking about my family, but at the same time I was so determined to get these guys that I kept chasing them, even though I was outnumbered.


“No bullet hit me; they could not see me, so they were just shooting anywhere,” he said.

Two men were caught by Naidoo and his colleague after they jumped over a wall. Another man was caught by members of the Durban Central dog unit.

The director of Marshall Security’s armed response unit, Tyron Powell, called Naidoo a hero.

“We are extremely proud of our response officers in general, but these incidents really stand out and prove that our guys are always prepared to go that extra mile and have a genuine interest in fighting crime,” he said.

Naidoo said he was just happy that they had apprehended the men.

“It was just another day at work. I am concerned that one more is still at large, but at least the other three are behind bars,” he said.

Sunday Tribune