17 april 2012 Obit Jake Wootton, head boy of Milnerton High school killed in amn alleged drunk driving accident in hermanus on 8 april 2012. Picture from memorial.

Cape Town - The barman who served Schalk Lubbe, who is accused of killing a school pupil, says Lubbe “seemed fine” when he left a bar in Hermanus.

Lubbe has pleaded not guilty to culpable homicide and drunk driving in connection with the death of Jake Wootton who was head boy at Milnerton High.

Lubbe did not have his blood taken within the prescribed two-hour time frame on the night he knocked over Wootton.

Wootton and a group of friends had been to Barney’s bar and decided to walk along Dirkie Uys Street to the home of one of their friends when the incident happened on April 4, 2012.

Wootton was hit by the car Lubbe was driving, was flung in the air and landed in the drop-and-go section of the road.

On Monday, Andre du Preez, a barman from Barney’s, testified in the Strand Regional Court that he had known Lubbe from school days.

Lubbe had walked into the bar on the night in question with two women.

While Du Preez was not aware of the time Lubbe had arrived, he remembered serving them whisky and water but was not sure how many and who had paid for the drinks.

A while later a “group of youngsters” had arrived and had sat at the other end of the bar, but Du Preez did not serve them.

Du Preez said there was no tension between the two groups.

Magistrate Francine Mouton asked Du Preez to comment on Lubbe’s state of sobriety.

He said Lubbe “seemed fine”.

She asked him to explain “fine”, to which Du Preez answered: “He stood tall. He could walk up straight but the other two seemed quite inebriated.”

Later, the court heard the testimony of Genevieve Grant, the friend whose house the group were heading to.

Grant, 18, became emotional during her testimony.

She admitted to having had a few drinks with her friends before the walk home.

She said the large group had split near a traffic circle and for a while she had been walking diagonally across the road.

She had heard a car approaching from behind. She said it had made a revving sound.

She had looked back, then ahead, and saw Wootton being flung in the air.

She had run towards him.

“I had no time to react, it all happened so quickly,” she said.

The group of friends and Lubbe went to hospital that night.

Wootton died three days later.

The trial continues on Tuesday.


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