Pretoria - One of the killers of Charles Beresford Pretorius Jobling, the great-great-grandson of Andries Pretorius, who Pretoria is named after, was convicted of murder and robbery following a guilty plea.

Ernest Nevhulamba, 18, admitted on Tuesday he had hit Jobling over the head with a steel pipe and that he was part of the gang who robbed him on August 31, 2012.

Jobling was attacked on the farm which had belonged to the family for decades while watching television. The farm is in the Hartbeespoort Dam area.

Nevhulamba had been charged together with three of his friends, but he was the only one to plead guilty.

The case against his co-accused - Tshego Fricus Mosito, 19, Tshepang Mosito, 19, and David Thebereng, 18 - was postponed to May.

One of his co-accused at first also pleaded guilty to the murder and robbery. But after explaining his role in the killing and realising that he would be convicted without going through a trial, decided to change his plea to not guilty.

After the attack, Jobling was loaded into his car and his body was dumped in a nearby river. He died as a result of multiple injuries.

It is claimed that the other accused strangled and throttled him, and that Nevhulamba then hit him on the head with the steel pipe.

He told the court in his plea explanation that he and his co-accused were still at school at the time.

They went to a friend’s home after school, where they smoked dagga. Nevhulamba said Thebereng then suggested that they go to his “home” - Jobling’s farm - where he lived as his mother worked there. He told them Jobling was not at home and that they should use his car.

When they got to the farm, they went into the house and saw that Jobling was watching television.

Nevhulamba said Thebereng grabbed the deceased around the neck and throttled him, while one of the other accused strangled him with an electric cord.

“I took an iron bar and hit him on the head once,” he said.

After robbing the man, they loaded him into his car and dumped his body in a river. They then drove to Rustenburg, where they drank until the early hours of the next morning.

They crashed on the way home. Nevhulamba lost consciousness and woke up in hospital, where he was arrested. His trial was postponed to November 14 for a pre-sentencing report.

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