File photo: Durban businesswoman Rosanne Narandas. Picture: Zanele Zulu

Durban - Durban businesswoman Rosanne Narandas was all smiles when she left the Durban Magistrate’s Court on Thursday after kidnapping charges against her were withdrawn.

Narandas was charged with kidnapping earlier this month after it was alleged she held three men in her garage for four hours against their will and refused to release them even when the police arrived.

At her first court appearance, the prosecutor said the dispute had arisen over a Mercedes A45 AMG that Narandas had bought from a dealership in Newcastle.

The State said Narandas had questioned the men, who worked at the dealership, about the mileage on the car as it was higher than had been advertised.

She wanted a discount or refund.

Prosecutor Blackie Swart did not provide reasons for the withdrawal of the charges but said it was owing to the instructions he had received from the chief prosecutor.

Contacted for comment, Narandas said she was happy the charges had been withdrawn. “I was confident the truth would prevail.

“I never locked the three men in my garage. When the police arrived, they witnessed where the men were standing, and they were certainly not in my garage. They did not even enter my garage,” she said.

Narandas said the issue of the car and misrepresentation still existed.

“I have not been contacted by them to refund my money nor to transfer the vehicle to me. It is exactly a month since I paid for the vehicle and I have not even moved it from where they left it,” she said.

Narandas said she had handed the matter to her attorney.

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