Simphiwe Khumalo elder brother to the 22year old Mbali Khumalo who was kidnapped early hours of tuesday morning by atleast 7 guys with firearms at their home at Zola. 994 Picture: Matthews Baloyi 3/4/2014

Johannesburg - Mbali Khumalo was asleep when armed men stormed her Soweto home and drove off with her.

The Khumalos had opened the door of their Zola home at midnight on Tuesday because the men had claimed they were police officers and demanded to see the 22-year-old.

Just hours after her abduction, one of her alleged kidnappers called her brother Simphiwe, claiming he was her boyfriend, and asked why the family had approached the police and reported the matter to the media.

The alleged kidnapper then allowed the woman to speak to her two siblings. “She said she was safe, but I don’t think so. She sounded very afraid and didn’t know where she was,” said Simphiwe.

“He said he was Mbali’s boyfriend, but I doubt it. A boyfriend will never storm into his girlfriend place and kidnap her like he did to my sister.”

Mbali was still dressed in her pyjamas and barefoot when she was taken to the kidnappers’ car.

“They said they were police officers looking for Mbali when my other brother opened for them. They went to her bedroom and dragged her out of the house.

“She pleaded that she wanted to use the loo, but they continued dragging my sister. They were pointing firearms at her,” Simphiwe said.

“They said they would kill her if she screamed while she was walked to the car.”

Khumalo’s younger brother Gcina said three men entered the house while two others waited at the main entrance of the yard.

Police are investigating a case of kidnapping.

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