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A gangster has admitted murdering traffic officer Wesley Woodman while he was issuing a fine nearly a year ago.

He also pleaded guilty to killing a rival gang member at the same time.

Quinton Cordom, 27, of Parkwood, admitted in the Western Cape High Court on Monday that he was a member of the Luciano Boys - a sub-gang of the Corner Boys. The gang’s main rivals are the Junky Funky Kids (JFKs), who operate in Steenberg, Lavender Hill and Retreat.

Cordom pleaded guilty to murdering Said Ariefdien, who he claims was a prominent member of the JFKs and right-hand man of Ebrahiem Odendaal, one of the three alleged leaders of the gang.

“At the time I shot him, Arafdien had a case in the high court in which he and other members of the JFKs were alleged to have shot 10 people in Steenberg (a Corner Boys stronghold),” Cordom said in his guilty plea.

In this case, three boys died instantly as a result of gunshot wounds and at least seven people were wounded. This sparked a gang war in the area.

Cordom said he received information that one of his “enemies” had been pulled over by a traffic officer on Prince George Drive at 10am on April 3 last year. Woodman had stopped a Toyota Corolla for a broken tail-light.

“I went to the scene armed with a firearm. I had the intention of killing the enemy. Upon my arrival at the scene I found the enemy to be Ariefdien. I saw the traffic cop armed with a service pistol. I decided to shoot the traffic cop so that he could not shoot me (when) I shot Ariefdien,” Cordom said.

He decided to take Woodman’s firearm because he had earlier lost a firearm and according to the rules of the gang, if you lose a firearm you have to “devise means of replacing it”.

Ariefdien and Woodman were shot in the head.

“I am so remorseful for my actions and plead with this honourable court to impose a sentence blended with mercy. I sympathise with the bereaved families for the pain I put them through,” Cordom said.

Sentencing proceedings are expected to start on Wednesday.

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