040 12.02.2014 Lindon Wagner and Robin Harwoord were both sentenced for the muder of Kirsty Theologo at Palm Ridge Magistrate Court. Robin Harwood was sentanced to 20years in prison and Lidon Wagner was sentanced to life impresonment for muder plus 18years for attempted murder his sentenced will run concurrently. Picture:Sharon Seretlo

Johannesburg - Cousins Lindon Wagner and Robin Harwood were on Tuesday granted leave to appeal their sentences for the death of Kirsty Theologo.

The matter was transferred to the High Court in Johannesburg.

Last Wednesday the high court, sitting in Palm Ridge, sentenced the two to lengthy jail terms for Theologo's death after an apparent Satanic ritual in October 2011.

Wagner was jailed for life for murder and a further 18 years for the attempted murder of Theologo's friend.

Harwood was jailed for 20 years for murder and another 20 years for the attempted murder.

During the sentencing, Judge Geraldine Borchers said Wagner played the more active role in the killing.

“He was prepared to lie under oath. And denied responsibility for his actions,” she said. - Sapa