Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir. Picture: Chris Collingridge

Johannesburg - Forensic investigator Paul O’Sullivan is claiming that convicted drug dealer Glenn Agliotti has been offered R5-million to “spring” Czech fugitive Radovan Krejcir, out of jail.

The details of the alleged offer are outlined in a lawyer’s letter, which O’Sullivan sent to Krejcir’s legal team, BDK Attorneys on Saturday.

He claims that on Wednesday he received an unsolicited call from Agliotti who “was present with and used someone else’s phone”.

“The person with Agliotti said that he (Agliotti) had received a call that day from Krejcir’s wife, Katerina Krejcirova.

She asked permission to use Agliotti’s account so that she could deposit R5m in cash, which was from Krejcir’s mother.

The letter states that Agliotti said he did not have a bank account because he had been sequestrated, but he would use the account of his landlady Tania Volschenk.

Agliotti called O’Sullivan for two reasons, according to the letter. Firstly to advise that Katerina wanted to transfer the money and to get O’Sullivan’s consent to “knock” Krejcirova.

Knocking is a slang expression for stealing from someone after gaining their trust, according to the letter.

O’Sullivan said he did not care what happened to the money because it was not his business, but he would like to have details as to where the cash came from. He further stated that he could not give “consent” to anyone to “knock” Krejcirova as this would constitute an offence.

But Agliotti, last night, denied calling O’Sullivan on Wednesday.

“I got a call from O’Sullivan today (Friday). I certainly did not call him on Wednesday. He asked where the R5m was. I told him I didn’t know what he was talking about.”

Agliotti said he thought O’Sullivan was talking about the R400 000 and R100 000 in interest he repaid Krejcir.

“I borrowed this money from (Krejcir) and I paid it back. I thought he was talking about that. But I have no knowledge of R5m. I have been sequestrated. I don’t have a bank account. It’s all a lot of rubbish; just bulls***.”

The letter further states that Agliotti undertook to revert to O’Sullivan, via a middleman by yesterday morning, as Agliotti said the money would be deposited.

“When our client contacted Agliotti today (Friday), to obtain further details, he denied that any transaction was going to take place at all. Our client is, therefore, bemused as to why Agliotti called him in the first place.”

O’Sullivan wanted to place on record the details of “deceit that are taking place”, and instructed his attorneys to draft the letter sent to BDK Attorneys’ records.

“Our client has information that an amount of R5m has been offered to anyone that can succeed in having your client (Radovan Krejcir) sprung from prison. He links that information to the call from Agliotti, although no statement to that effect was made.

“If Krejcirova should transfer money as aforesaid, she is likely to lose some if not all of it, as a result of being ‘knocked’. If Krejcirova should transfer money as aforesaid, she would be committing an offence in terms of the anti-money laundering legislation.

“As a consequence, our client felt duty-bound to notify both SARS, as they have appointed curators to Krejcir’s estate, and the South African Police.”

Last night O’Sullivan told the Saturday Star: “Despite Krejcir’s multiple attempts at having me murdered, if not because of it, I am determined to see that he remains in custody and, in fact, spends the rest of his natural life there.”

He added that he was currently investigating Krejcir’s mother for an alleged conspiracy to commit murder in the Czech Republic, launched from South Africa, as well as allegedly attempting to arrange to have Krejcir’s wife, Katerina, arrested.

Piet du Plessis from BDK Attorneys said he had not had sight of the letter.

“I am not going to deal with this now. This is probably a lot of bulls***.

“Yes, I will consult with my client (Krejcir), but I will do it on Tuesday.” - Saturday Star