Durban - It was more bad news for convicted drug couple Hoosen and Yasmin Mohamed at the Pietermaritzburg High Court on Friday as the majority of their assets were seized by the State.

Judge Isaac Madondo granted a preservation order for three properties in Mars Crescent in Northdale, luxury vehicles, large amounts of cash and jewellery owned by the embattled couple.

The basis of the application by the State was that the assets were the proceeds of unlawful activities.

The couple, believed to be among KwaZulu-Natal’s biggest dealers in crack cocaine, together with five of their drug runners, entered into a plea bargain with the State last month. Hoosen and Yasmin Mohamed pleaded guilty to two counts of racketeering and four counts of dealing in cocaine.

She was sentenced to 18 months in prison plus a further 10 years wholly suspended for five years, while her husband was sentenced to 15 years’ imprisonment, of which seven years were suspended.

In terms of their plea bargain, the Mohameds admitted to managing a drug enterprise and conducting their illegal activities from two homes in Northdale, Pietermaritzburg, for many years.

They controlled the enterprise and were responsible for the drug runners.

All the suspects were arrested last year after a three-year undercover operation by crime intelligence officials and the Hawks.

The runners sold drugs to the undercover agents who posed as customers on 11 different occasions.

According to court documents, the Mohameds have been dealing in drugs for about 20 years.

Hoosen regularly bought large quantities of drugs in Durban and Yasmin packaged and stored them.

They have never held regular jobs.

The State submitted that the couple’s drug dealing was lucrative as Yasmin went on expensive trips around the world and bought valuable jewellery.

She had also bought four luxury cars for cash.

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