The house in Imbali, Pietermaritzburg, where the hostage drama took place on Monday morning. Picture: Sherlissa Peters

Pietermaritzburg -

A jealous man who escaped after being arrested for stabbing his ex-girlfriend’s boyfriend on Sunday, shot three policemen and a nurse and took his grandmother and siblings hostage in their Imbali, Pietermaritzburg, home on Monday.

The 29-year-old man was arrested after he tried to kill himself at the end of a nine-hour stand-off with police.


The man had evidently been furious that his ex-girlfriend had started dating again.

The three policemen and a nurse are in a stable condition.

The man is in a serious condition in hospital.

Police spokesman, Captain Thulani Zwane, said the man had shot himself in the neck.

A source said the man had been under police guard in hospital when he escaped.

Zwane said the man was arrested at about 2am and was violent.

“Before taking him to the local police station, police took him to a nearby clinic to treat him for his injuries,” Zwane said.

He said the man disarmed a police reservist and fled with his gun.

A shoot-out followed between the suspect and police officers who chased him. A policeman and a nurse were shot and are reported to be in a stable condition in hospital.

Zwane said the suspect fled to his home where he locked himself in with his grandmother and children.

The man sustained further bullet wounds after an exchange of gunfire with police.

According to the man’s brother, who had been held hostage, he had ended his relationship with his girlfriend three years ago. The couple have an 8-year-old daughter.

But when his brother discovered his ex-girlfriend was dating again, he became very angry and decided to confront the boyfriend.

On Sunday, he allegedly pretended to be a hitchhiker and got a lift from the unassuming boyfriend, said the brother.

While in the car with him, the man allegedly threatened him and the two got into a fight.

He allegedly stabbed the boyfriend in the neck. He is recovering in hospital.

After the attack, police arrested the man at his home in Imbali.

He was injured and was taken to a local clinic for treatment where he escaped.

The man allegedly then went to his ex-girlfriend’s home.

Her mother claimed that the man confronted her with a gun.

“I told him that my daughter was not here. He threatened me and left,” she said.

Early this morning, the frustrated and emotionally distraught man returned to his family home in Imbali.

He woke up his 80-year-old grandmother, his brother and sister.

He locked the doors to the house and refused to allow his family members to leave until he had seen his girlfriend.

“I was so scared. We didn't know what to expect. We had never seen him like this before,” his shaken brother said.

Police arrived and asked the man to surrender himself but he refused.

He allegedly shot at police and an exchange of gunfire ensued.

Two policemen were shot – one in the leg and one in the buttocks.

The man was also shot in the shoulder.

His brother said they ducked for cover during the shooting.

He witnessed his brother put the gun under his chin and pull the trigger.

That is when the family opened the door and allowed police in.

Police were still at the scene late Monday morning trying to piece together the whole hostage drama.

His mother said that she was sad that this had happened.

“My grandchild could lose her father. We did not expect this to happen. We are shocked,” she said.

Zwane said that the two police officers who were shot in the hostage drama were in a stable condition.

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