Durban - A oThongathi pensioner died when a fuel container he had been carrying exploded after it caught alight.

Joey Govender, 62, of Gemstone Road, Belgate, was burning garden refuse when the petrol container he was holding in his hand accidentally caught alight.

He was using the petrol to fuel the flames.

Govender was taken to hospital on Monday afternoon with burns to 90 percent of his body. He died yesterday.

Reaction Unit South Africa spokesman, Prem Balram, said his paramedics were at the scene. The man man suffered severe burns to his body, he said.

“The man was doing chores around his home when he decided to burn the dirt using petrol.

“The man poured petrol onto the fire. The canister caught alight and exploded,” Balram said.

Netcare 911 spokesman, Chris Botha, confirmed the man had 90 percent burns.

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