George Louca (Smith) in the Kempton Park Magistrates Court as the two charges against him are being discussed on Friday. Louka will face the Lolly Jackson murder charge at the Palm Ridge High Court in January of 2015. Picture: Timothy Bernard 20.06.2014

Johannesburg - Lolly Jackson’s alleged hit man has also become a target of an assassination plot, with his already staunch security expected to be further strengthened at his court appearance in Kempton Park on Thursday morning.

George Louca was extradited from Cyprus earlier this year to face charges of murdering the Strip King, and has so far been kept under strict police surveillance while in custody – for his own safety.

But The Star has learnt from four different sources close to the investigation that Louca’s security may have been compromised, and that police received intelligence of a plot to kill the Cypriot.

According to a state security source, this plot may have been sparked by Louca’s very recent decision to tell investigators what he claims really happened the night Jackson was killed.

Another source told The Star that a man linked to the case against Czech businessman Radovan Krejcir was transferred to the same facility housing Louca.

The man, whose name is known to The Star, was allegedly placed just two cells away from Louca and while there, he allegedly started asking probing questions about Louca’s imprisonment.

This transfer is believed to be linked to an attempt to have Louca killed while on his way to or from the Kempton Park courthouse today for his appearance on a separate charge of possession of stolen property.

Louca’s lawyer Owen Blumberg was not willing to comment on the alleged plot, but said that there was “a very real and credible threat”.

“I’m taking whatever steps possible to ensure my client’s safety between now and the (murder) trial date (in January),” said Blumberg.


Another investigator told The Star that at one of Louca’s last court appearances, he was transferred in a civilian vehicle – a VW CitiGolf – instead of an armed vehicle, further compromising his security.

Hawks spokesman Captain Paul Ramaloko was unable to confirm the extra security expected in transporting Louca on Thursday, but denied any knowledge of an assassination plot.

He also denied the possibility that Louca’s court appearance could go ahead with the alleged hit man not in attendance. He was unavailable on Wednesday afternoon to answer further questions.

National police spokesman, Lieutenant-General Solomon Makgale, was unable to confirm by the time of publication where the alleged assassin had been held over the past week.


Louca told The Star during an interview in 2012 he believed his life would be endangered if he revealed what he knew of the local criminal underworld.

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