File photo: An extradition process was expected to start after Louca appeared in court.


George Louca, the man wanted in South Africa for murdering stripclub owner Lolly Jackson, will know if he is to be extradited from Cyprus within a week, it was reported on Saturday.

According to the Saturday Star judge Elena Ephraim said at Louca's hearing in Cyprus on Friday that he would stay in custody until then.

Louca is wanted in South Africa on four charges, including murder and corruption.

Louca's lawyer, Sofronis Sofroniou has contested South Africa's right to extradite his client. A 1979s Cypriot law that said no citizen could be extradited had not been repealed, he told the court.

Prosecutor Olga Sophocleous said Cyprus and South Africa were both signatories to a European treaty on extradition and the 1970s law was no longer valid after an amendment to the country's constitution.

South African police claim Louca confessed to Jackson's murder in a telephone conversation with a policeman.

“Where is the recording of this telephone call,” Sofroniou asked.

The lawyer also questioned why South Africa had taken so long to ask for an Interpol arrest warrant.

Corruption charges brought against Louca, which include buying cars and giving one to the wife of a policeman, were “unsubstantiated,” Sofroniou said. - Sapa