172 12/05/2014 George Louka, the alleged killer of controversial strip club boss Lolly Jackson appeard at the kempton Park magistrate court, he is also accused of theft , possession of suspected stolen property and fruad. Picture:Nokuthula Mbatha

Johannesburg - Security around George Louca, the man accused of killing Lolly Jackson, is so tight, his own lawyer can’t get private access to him.

Louca, who was extradited from Cyprus earlier this year for the murder of the Teazers owner, appeared in the Kempton Park Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

Everyone was made to leave the court while a bomb sweep was done, and the public were body-searched before being allowed to enter.

Security is tight because there are fears Louca will be killed in order to stop him from revealing information on Jackson’s death.

Louca fought to stay in Cyprus because he said he feared for his life if he came back to South Africa.

Louca is facing charges of murder and, in a case being conducted separately, for possession of stolen goods.

Magistrate Eric Mhlari said Louca was facing possession charges in the same court four years ago, and was out on bail when he absconded and fled the country.

Louca’s attorney, Owen Bloomberg, indicated his case was being conducted under unusual circumstances due to the tight security surrounding him, and that because of this, he had great difficulty consulting his client.

“Correctional Services… have precluded me from seeing the accused privately. (It has to be) in the presence of a prison official.”

Bloomberg said he had been able to see his client only in a police station, in the cells below court and at the undisclosed prison where he is being held, in the presence of a senior prison official.

Mhlari ordered on Monday that the prisons allow attorneys private consultations with Louca.

Both cases against Louca were postponed to June 20.


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