Expelled ANC Youth League leader Julius Malema attends a memorial service for slain miners in Marikana in the North West on Thursday, 23 August 2012. Thirty-four people were killed and 78 injured when police shot at striking workers at the Lonmin mine last Thursday. Another 10 people were killed in violent protests the preceding week. Picture: Werner Beukes/SAPA

Limpopo - Julius Malema has opened a case against one of President Jacob Zuma’s staunchest supporters – for allegedly threatening to exhume his mother’s remains and throw them in front of his grandmother’s house in Seshego, Limpopo.

The expelled ANC Youth League leader alleges that Boy Mamabolo, his former childhood friend-turned enemy, threatened to desecrate Mahlodi Malema’s grave.

This is apparently in retaliation for Malema allegedly sending his allies to sleep with Mamabolo’s girlfriend.


The Star has seen an SMS that Mamabolo sent to Malema on Sunday night.

“This time I want to show you that I am more brutal and exhume Mahlodi from the grave and lay her in front of (your grandmother’s house). You have done many bad things to me,” Mamabolo’s text message said.

Mamabolo previously publicly burnt a mock coffin to celebrate Malema’s expulsion from the ANC.

He claims Malema instructed Limpopo ANC Youth League secretary Jacob Lebogo and his ally, Jossie Buthane, to sleep with his girlfriend.

He says in the SMS the two will never know peace for allegedly sleeping with his girlfriend.

“In fact, one of them will die this year. I have never said anything which I didn’t do.”

Mamabolo insulted Malema’s late mother by referring crudely to her private parts.

Mamabolo admitted on Monday that he had sent the insulting message to Malema, but claimed he had been provoked.

“I first phoned him to say I wanted to order cabbages,” Mamabolo said.

Malema, who ventured into farming after his expulsion, now sells cabbages and other vegetables from his Polokwane farm.

Mamabolo said Malema had first insulted him on the phone. But Malema dismissed the claims.

“I have never spoken to Boy. He sent me an SMS to say ‘I sympathise with you’, and I responded (by SMS) to ask who it was,” Malema said.

“He said it was Boy, and I said ‘never use this number again’.”

Malema said the insulting message followed. “He brings the dead to the whole picture. I find it distasteful and scary,” Malema added.

“I know I am a target of assault. People are looking for me to make a single mistake and finish me.”

He said he would protect himself and his late mother from hooligans.

“Because when you insult me about my mother, you really get to me,” Malema said.

“They burnt coffins when I got fired from the ANC. President Jacob Zuma – they supported him in Mangaung and he won. I don’t know why they are so bitter about life. I am not even there,” he added.

Limpopo police spokesman Brigadier Hangwani Mulaudzi has confirmed that Malema had opened a crimen injuria case against Mamabolo.

Malema and Buthane have rejected Mamabolo’s claims involving his girlfriend.

“That woman is (too) ugly for my liking. She is not in my league,” Buthane added. He added he respected other people’s relationships.

Lebogo could not be reached for comment.

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