Durban - A wrestling fanatic warded off an armed hijacker and his accomplice by unleashing a series of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) moves on them.

The Effingham man believes this, coupled with divine intervention, saved his family from harm on Thursday.

Technician Clive Rajoo, 48, said the men had tried to rob his nephew Raymond Nayager of his Polo Vivo in the driveway of their Shifa Place home.

Rajoo said as Nayager drove into the garage, he (Rajoo) saw the men walk into the yard. One of them had a gun.

He said the men were crouching and moving towards the car.

“I screamed to alert my nephew and family inside the house.”

Rajoo said the hijacker fired three shots at him, but missed.

The Sai Baba devotee said he touched a picture of his Guru – which was behind the front door – and prayed for protection before confronting the hijackers.

Nayager was alerted by the commotion and spotted the men in his rear view mirror.

He said he tried to reverse, but the men got into the car and began to punch him. They demanded the car keys.

Nayager managed to escape and ran from the yard.

The car keys were lost during the scuffle.

Rajoo then tried to lock the men in the garage by pressing a remote to close the electronic door. The men tried to force the door open and escaped.

The armed man threatened to shoot Rajoo and his wife, Rowena.

Rajoo said he ran towards the hijacker at great speed.

He then used a wrestling move by WWE star, The Edge, called the “Spear”, to knock the man to the ground.

He said he took on the unarmed man and attacked him with a wrestling move.

The startled hijacker tried to wrestle back.

He punched, kicked and repeatedly hit Rajoo with a brick.

Rajoo said Rowena tried to intervene, but was shoved aside.

He said the armed man, who he had tackled to the ground, finally got free and pointed the gun at him.

“He fired a shot, but it missed. The bullet ricocheted off a wall. The shrapnel from the bullet hit my wife on her cheek,” Rajoo said.

He said the shots did not deter him. He fought back.

“The man looked shocked. But I was determined to save my family from harm.”

He said he tried to wrestle the man again.

This time the man fired a shot at his leg, missing again.

“The bullet hit the paving and some of the shrapnel hit me on my legs.”

Rajoo said the men eventually fled from his yard.

“The one man fired another shot and his accomplice threw bricks at me. I managed to catch one of the bricks and flung it back. It hit him.”

He said the men escaped in a getaway car parked at the bottom of the road.

They drove off at high speed, Rajoo said.

A shaken Rowena said the shrapnel was still stuck in her cheek.

She said she could not eat and was only having liquids through a straw. Since the incident, she had been having sleepless nights.

“When I go to sleep, I can still hear the sound of gunshots and the men screaming at us to give them the keys,” she said.

Greenwood Park police are investigating a case of armed robbery.

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