Anna Daars, 75, has lost most of her children. Photo: Brendan Magaar

A Piketberg man is behind bars for the murder of his own brother who was due in court later this month for killing their sister.

The horrific murders have left a small town reeling after both siblings were slain in front of their traumatised 75-year-old mother who has since been hospitalised.

Heartbroken mom Anna Daars is now preparing to bury her seventh child out of the nine she brought up.

The trial of her son Abraham “Skapie” Daars, 52, was expected to begin on Wednesday at the Piketberg Regional Court after he allegedly stabbed his sister Magrieta “Baba” Daars, 46, to death inside their little kitchen.

Relatives say Skapie was very remorseful and was prepared to go to prison for 15 years and told them he didn’t mean to kill his own sister.

Their brother William Daars, 37, is expected to make his first court appearance on Thursday after he allegedly stabbed Skapie to death on Tuesday afternoon after a heated argument.

They say Skapie had forbidden William from entering his home because he had a mental condition after suffering from meningitis as a child and often argued with family.

Cops, together with mother Anna and sister Anna Otto, 50, said Skapie had run for 250 metres before collapsing to his death in an alley.

With her hands covering her face in grief, a devastated Anna saids she didn’t realise her son Skapie had been stabbed.

“Skapie was preparing to make himself a meal,” explained Anna. “Willie arrived and Skapie told Willie he must get out.

“This house was Skapie’s. “He said: ‘jy behoort nie hier nie’. Then they began to fight.”

She said somehow Willie grabbed a knife during the fight. “The next thing Skapie ran out of the house and said he is going to the police station.

“I didn’t even know he was stabbed.” Sister Anna confronted William moments after he was arrested close to the murder scene.

“I asked Willie why they live like this,” she said. “He didn’t say anything and put his head down.” Mother Anna recalls how remorseful Skapie was two days before his own death - and chillingly told her he would rather commit suicide.

“He said he would rather have killed himself because of what he did, then he didn’t have to go to court next week,” said Anna.

“And that was on Sunday.” Sister Anna said Skapie and Baba were their mom’s breadwinners and shared a strong bond.

“Skapie appeared in court last week and he got his trial date for the 27th,” she said.

“And he told me the prosecutor told him he could face 15 years in prison but he said he was prepared to because he didn’t know what happened that day.” Mother Anna recalls February 16 this year when she lost her baby daughter Baba.

She said Baba was preparing supper when Skapie suddenly stabbed her.

“She was busy frying snoek for supper,” added Anna.”I got up to use the toilet. Skapie asked me where the peaches were and I told him it’s in the box.

“He took out a knife and began peeling the peach. “I was still inside there when I heard Baba screaming, ‘Mamma, kom kyk hoe stiek Skapie vir my’ (Mother, come and see how Skapie is stabbing me).”

She claimed the stabbed woman said all she had done wrong was tell Skapie that he would have to wait for his food.

“When I came out of the toilet, she was lying on her stomach at the door,” said the mom.

Baba, a mother of two, later died in hospital. Skapie also leaves behind a son. “I don’t know how to feel about all of these deaths,” says Anna. “I am the only one left to look after my mother. “She was so shocked we had to rush her to hospital.”

Community worker Mackie Solomons, 50, says the murders have rocked the community.

“This is a quiet place - one doesn’t expect something so shocking to happen here,” says Mackie.

Baba’s daughter Iris Daars, 27, had the hard task of identifying Skapie’s body on Wednesday.

Police spokesperson Captain FC Van Wyk says William is expected to appear in court on Friday on a charge of murder.

And that Skapie was due in court next week for allegedly murdering his own sister.

“The deceased was previously charged with the murder of his sister earlier this year when he was out on bail,” he explained.

“At the house, an argument allegedly broke out where the deceased was seen coming out of the house.

“The deceased walked for about 250 metres where he collapsed and died.

“The suspect will appear in court on Thursday.”

* This article was published in the Daily Voice