A woman sits on a pavement in Hillbrow after being attacked on her way to work last week. Picture: Supplied
Johannesburg – A woman who was robbed and stabbed in Joburg is recovering well following her ordeal, while a suspect has been arrested for the armed robbery.

Another man believed to be involved in the crime is still at large.

Last week, the young woman was on her way to work when two men armed with knives accosted her and demanded she hand over her personal items outside the Vanin Court building in Hillbrow.

Hillbrow police spokesperson Sergeant Mduduzi Zondo said the men took two cellphones she was carrying, but she tried to fight back and they stabbed her hands.

“Police were called and arrived immediately, and as the men ran away, one of the cellphones fell and was recovered,” he said.

Witnesses said the woman was bleeding profusely and her clothes were badly ripped after the violent attack on the corner of Quartz and Pietersen streets.

The Star is in possession of gruesome photos from the scene which show blood spattered on the pavement, the woman’s ripped jeans, and her hands full of stab wounds.

On Sundday, Zondo said the woman had been released from hospital and was recovering.

“The woman was treated and released. She is still in pain but she is healing at home,” he said.

He confirmed that police had arrested one person believed to be connected to the incident outside the building where the robbery took place.

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“A manhunt is under way for the second suspect involved in the incident. A case of armed robbery and assault has been opened,” Zondo added.

Several sources close to the woman confirmed that she had been given counselling following the traumatic incident, but police were unable to confirm this.

Several people, who live in the area and asked to remain anonymous out of fear for their lives, said Vanin Court was full of criminals and druglords.

“This is not the first time this type of thing has happened here; there are robberies and incidents here all the time," one man said.

“The security and police in the area do their best to help but cannot always be there in time.”

A woman who witnessed the attack said she saw a scuffle and started screaming for someone to help the young woman, but the two men were armed, which made it difficult to intervene.

“People get attacked here all the time, it’s a very dangerous place.

"I wish we could get rid of the criminals living there, then maybe this would all stop or at least get better.

“You should see what happens here – this isn’t even the worst thing to happen,” she said.

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