Angry residents smashed Obed Zilwas car in New Cross Roads after the shooting. Photo: Ayanda Ndamane

Cops say a man was gunned down in cold blood during an argument about a parking space.

Now the son of a popular restaurant owner has been arrested for the murder.

Xabiso Kente, 21, appeared in a Cape Town court on Tuesday where he faces charges for the death of Bulumnko Rhulumeni.

Bulumnko, 35, was shot dead in the early hours of Sunday morning after he had allegedly complained that patrons of Dinangwe Tavern in New Cross Roads had parked across his driveway and he couldn’t get into his home in Fenyane Road.

Bulumnko’s mother Barbara Rhulumeni, 59, says the accused came out of nowhere and shot her son in cold blood.

“My son died simply because of a parking space,” says Barbara.

“Bulumnko wanted to get his car inside the yard but because there were cars parked in our driveway he couldn’t get his car inside and that is how the whole thing started.

“We have been arguing about these people who park their cars in our driveway for a while now.”

Barbara says Bulumnko arrived home in the early hours of Sunday morning and when he couldn’t pull into his driveway he went over to Dinangwe.

The place was busy as they were hosting a party for the launch of musician Mxolisi Moyo’s new CD.

She says her son wanted to ask the owner of the car blocking his driveway to move his vehicle.

She says when he got to the popular night spot, Bulumnko began arguing with the owner.

And when things started getting out of hand, Bulumnko fired a warning shot in the air.

“That’s when he (Kente) came from behind and shot my son,” says a devastated Barbara.

His family bundled him into a car after he was allegedly shot three times and rushed him to KTC Day Hospital where he died.

Kente is the son of well-known photographer and restaurant owner Obed Zilwa.

Kente made a brief appearance in the Athlone Magistrates’ Court on Tuesday where he was told that the State would be opposing his release on bail.

When Magistrate Keith le Keur asked him whether he wanted assistance from Legal Aid, Kente replied that he wanted to appoint a private attorney.

The matter was postponed for a week for Kente to appoint a lawyer and to arrange a date for a formal bail application.

Meanwhile, Zilwa tells the Daily Voice his son is innocent.

“Our sin was to try and help our neighbour and they are now shifting the blame to us,” he says.

He insists his son was nowhere near the murder scene.

He says the person who shot Rhulumeni was wearing a blue hooded top which partially covered his face.

“I saw him but not the face, he fired six shots and fled,” says Zilwa.

He says after the incident angry residents allegedly smashed his car and property causing damage to the tune of about R200 000. - Daily Voice