Johannesburg - A Joburg woman accused of conspiring to murder her husband has been released on bail.

Victoria Muvinki made a brief appearance in the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court on Monday.

This followed her arrest on Saturday for attempted murder and conspiracy to murder her husband.

Warrant Officer Xoli Mbele said Muvinki, 49, allegedly approached traditional healer Sibusiso Makhanya and asked for a concoction she could use to kill her husband.

“The traditional healer was unable to help her. She allegedly asked him to organise hitmen who would kill her husband and she would pay them R20 000 in cash,” he said.

Mbele said Makhanya promised to help her organise the men but instead informed police about the conspiracy to murder.

On the same day, the woman met Makhanya with two undercover policemen who were pretending to be hitmen. She allegedly gave the police R4 000 in cash and promised to pay the outstanding balance the following day once the job was finished.

She allegedly phoned her husband and told him to go to the corner of President and Ntemi Piliso streets in the Joburg CBD, and when he arrived, she told him the men were going to take him to another healer for cleansing.

The officers then introduced themselves and arrested her.

“The husband was very shocked – so shocked he couldn’t give a statement. He was shown the money the woman paid, and he couldn’t say anything.

“He is not sure why she wanted to have him killed,” Mbele said.

In her bail bid, Muvinki, through her attorney Lijane Mofokeng, told the court she had eight children and was self-employed.

Dressed in a grey headscarf and black-and-gold cardigan, Muvinki looked solemn.

The court was also told she had no previous convictions or pending cases against her.

She was released on R1 500 bail and the case was postponed to August 28.

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