Pretoria - A man was wounded in the head in a shooting at a restaurant in the Menlyn shopping centre, Pretoria, on Monday afternoon, police confirmed.

“Last I heard, he was still in a critical condition,” Warrant Officer Annabel Middleton said. She said he was in the Steve Biko hospital.

“A man just walked up and shot the man in the back of the head,” said the restaurant's manager Wayne Koning.

He said four shots were fired. No one else was wounded in the shooting, shortly before 2pm.

“The (shooter) just walked towards the door. Us four shop managers followed him to the doors and took the gun from him.”

Koning said the man did not fight them.

“If you didn't see he was the man who did the shooting, you wouldn't have known it was him. His demeanour was that calm.”

A 44-year-old Algerian man had been taken into police custody, Middleton said. - Sapa