539 Robert Sefatsa believes everything that is metal will melt in 10 days time and all people in the world shoul come to Africa. Picture taken at Wits university. 121212. Picture: Bongiwe Mchunu

Johannesburg - He describes himself as an anthropologist, a researcher and a scenario analyst.

Robert Sefatsa is also a lover of big scientific words that he can’t simplify for mere mortals.

Sefatsa, whose general knowledge includes the person who built Wits University and the Union Buildings as well as information on Freemasonry, is a very worried man as he believes that people worldwide are in danger.

He believes that, eight days from now, on December 21 in accordance with the Mayan calendar, catastrophe will engulf the entire world.

So worried is Sefatsa about what will happen on Friday next week that he has approached the highest court in the land, the Constitutional Court, for help.

With a 128-page document with one of the pages entitled “50 shades of December 21st”, Sefatsa put in an urgent application at the court on Tuesday. It had taken him two months to complete the “court papers”. One of the respondents is the White House.

“I would like the court to compel the state to verify and investigate claims of the Mayans because if we are not prepared for the end of the calendar, there will be cosmic cataclysm (a violent and sudden change in the earth’s crust).

“The problem is that if we are not prepared, there will be magnetic fluctuations and our atmosphere will get hot and every surface will melt,” he said.

The Constitutional Court is the court of last instance in constitutional matters, and one is supposed to have exhausted other avenues before approaching it.

But Sefatsa went straight to it, claiming the matter was urgent.

Sefatsa said he would like US President Barack Obama to speak to other presidents to “evacuate people to Africa”.

“We will all lump together and observe what will happen because our tectonic plate is safer than other plates,” he said.

Martie Stander, a registrar of the Constitutional Court, confirmed they had received Sefatsa’s documents but she said the matter was not placed before the judges of the court as it did not adhere to the court rules.

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