QUICK thinking by a Knysna liquor store manager averted a potential bloodbath after four armed men stormed the business and made off with R40 000 this week. By letting the men out the back door of the premises as customers were still entering the store, Liquor Guys manager Joe Boshoff prevented a potential catastophe as one of the suspects had no qualms about shooting people

Knysna - Four armed men held up a Knysna liquor store and made off with R40 000 at the weekend.

Liquor Guys manager Joe Boshoff said one of the robbers wanted to shoot staff and a customer. But he managed to prevent a potential catastrophe by letting the robbers out the back door – once they had their loot.


Boshoff and staff were experiencing a relatively quiet Sunday trade when the four men entered the premises at 12.45pm, demanding that they hand over money from the tills and safe.

“At first I saw two guys enter the shop, who I thought were customers. Then another two entered and closed the shop door. There was already a customer in the store,” Boshoff said.

“Some of my staff were hit by these guys, and then they came into my office. They told me to empty the safe, and then the others started taking money from the tills. They also wanted to tie us up. They got about R40 000 from the safe and tills and also filled a white plastic bag with booze.”

One of the suspects, however, said he wanted to shoot staff and the customer. “It was only because one of his accomplices told him not to that we were spared.”

At this point, a customer stopped his bakkie in front of the store.

“I knew that these guys would start shooting if they confronted people at the front of the shop, so I showed them a back entrance and told them to go out there,” Boshoff said.


There have been no arrests.