Police have launched a manhunt for a man who allegedly stabbed his colleague and robbed her of cash after he was fired.

Captain Pinky Tsinyane said the Mozambican man who is in his late 20s attacked an employee at the Gourmet Food outlet based at SA Revenue Service (Sars) premises in Alberton on Thursday.

The employee, Natasha Cossadianos, a manager at Gourmet Food, a company subcontracted to cater meals at Sars, told The Saturday Star that she had been asked to give the former employee his severance package.

The man, who worked as a cleaner, had been dismissed on the day but remained behind to hand over his uniforms to Cossadianos who was supposed to give him R1644.

Just as Cossadianos reached the safe, she felt a knife on her throat as the man demanded she gives her the money.

“I asked him to calm down and (told him) that I would pay him. But he further stuck the knife to my throat and threatened to slit me open,” she told the newspaper.

The two then wrestled and Cossadianos was stabbed in the abdomen seven times before falling to the floor. She then kicked him and he stabbed her in her foot.

The cleaner then bashed her head with a fire extinguisher three times and left her almost unconscious.

He took the money and fled the scene.

Cossadianos was then rushed to hospital

Police opened a case of attempted murder, theft, robbery and assault. - Sapa