Blood on the floor after councillors violently disrupted the Integrated Development Plan summit hosted by Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba at Midrand High School. Picture: Supplied by Mayor's Office.
Johannesburg – The Integrated Development Plan (IDP) summit descended into chaos and violence in which a councillor was hit with a brick on the head and left concussed while another suffered a huge gash on his head – now Johannesburg Mayor Herman Mashaba wants to lay charges.

Responding to the violence, Mashaba on Wednesday morning said: "Last night the ANC [African National Congress] violently disrupted the IDP summit I was hosting at Midrand High School."

He added: "A number of individuals were injured following the violence, including an EFF [Economic Freedom Fighters] member who had a gash to his head, as well as the chairperson of Ward 112, Andrew Osmond, who was hit with a brick on the back of his head with such force that he was concussed and had to be taken to hospital".

Mashaba, who is a member of the Democratic Alliance (DA), said "disgracefully, this attack on our democracy was led by ANC Councillors".

He said the City was left with "no option but to lay criminal charges" against ANC councillors who were leading "this assault on our democracy and fuelling the violence".

Mashaba said the violence was orchestrated by PR Councillor Mfikoe and Councillors Lemola and Matsemela – all members of the ANC.

"I again call on the ANC Provincial Chairperson, Paul Mashatile, to take urgent disciplinary action against these individuals," said Mashaba.

He added: "Despite the ANCs efforts to prevent the public engagements from continuing, City officials and community members remained in the hall and ensured that the work of bringing change to the people of Johannesburg continued".