Spurious was the word Mavericks used to describe allegations levelled against it in a Human Rights Commission report. Picture: Courtney Africa.

Cape Town - “Spurious” was the word Maverick’s Gentleman’s Club used this week to describe serious allegations levelled against it, including claims of sexual activity in an exclusive VIP section of the club, in a Human Rights Commission (HRC) report.

In the final report, compiled at the conclusion of the HRC’s investigation into the human rights of dancers, it emerged that an anonymous patron and an unidentified former dancer claimed that sex was being sold at the members-only section, known as The Library.

The commission recommended that police investigate the issues which required further criminal and forensic investigation.

Women interviewed by the commission also said they were happy with their earnings, but were unhappy about being told where to sit and what to do. Some reported feeling pressured to drink alcohol – which Mavericks denied.

The report stated that the women’s work conditions were inconsistent with their purported status as “independent contractors” (patrons paid them directly), and left them vulnerable to exploitation.

The HRC further recommended that the club review policies to ensure compliance with labour legislation and the constitution.

This week, through its attorney George de Beer, Mavericks told Weekend Argus the allegations could cause harm to its reputation and the dance industry as a whole.

De Beer also pointed out that Mavericks welcomed other findings in the report, saying it exonerated the club from involvement in human trafficking, sex work and invasion of the privacy of dancers.

Weekend Argus