Mavericks strip club in Cape Town. Photo: Tracey Adams

Cape Town - A stripper employed by the Mavericks Revue Bar appeared in the Cape Town Magistrate's Court on Thursday.

Olga Gretu, 33, charged with contravening the Immigration Act, was warned to appear in court again on August 28.

Gretu was one of 12 strippers arrested in November last year. They were charged with failing to comply with the Immigration Act, and entering and remaining in South Africa after their temporary residence permits had expired. Charges against the other 11

strippers were withdrawn.

Defence counsel Peter Mihalik told the court on Thursday the prosecuting authorities had not yet responded to his written representations, submitted on June 13, for the withdrawal of the charge.

Mihalik said they had tried to expedite the matter as it was not complicated and the representations were not lengthy.

“We arrived at court to hear that no one has even looked at our representations yet, and there is no explanation.

“If they want to proceed with this prosecution, they had better start reading the representations.”

The charge sheet specifies the penalty as an unspecified fine, or imprisonment for not longer than three months. - Sapa