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Johannesburg - A convicted murderer has taken legal action against the minister of correctional services, the area commissioner and the head of a prison.

Clint Kramer, 44, was convicted in 2011 and sentenced in September last year in the Johannesburg High Court.

He is serving a life sentence in Johannesburg Prison. His case against the State centres on the court being unable to release records relating to his more than 60-day criminal trial.

Kramer was sentenced 18 months after his conviction without the court records reaching his lawyer. The records have still not been made available.

Kramer stated in court papers that the “withheld transcripts” had put him in a “precarious position in so far as the preparation and launching of my appeal is concerned.”

He said he believed the “majority of the transcripts are being withheld because of anomalies…”

His advocate would have to have lengthy consultations with him to understand what happened during his trial. He is suing the correctional services minister because he has been threatened with a transfer to Mangaung Prison in Bloemfontein. He was classified as “extremely high escape risk”.

Kramer said the transfer was unconstitutional because it would prejudice his case as he is in the process of appeal.

The transfer would also jeopardise medical treatment he is receiving from a specialist at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital.

He added in his application that the transfer infringed on his right to have visitors.

His case was again postponed on Tuesday.

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