Cape Town-06-11-2012 This 13 year old girl from the farm Frankdale near Atlantis was allegedly sold for prostitution by her own mother pix Patrick Louw story Genevieve Serra

Cape Town -

A medical report handed in to court stated that a mother accused of selling her 13-year-old daughter for sex for R20 was fit to stand trial but not mentally stable.

On Tuesday, the five accused in the alleged sexual exploitation of the teenager appeared in Cape Town Magistrate’s Court in a bail hearing.

Wimpie Strauss, for the mother, said the accused suffered from an “unknown disease”, according to the medical report.

He would be seeking further advice as it was contradictory to say the accused could stand trial if she was “partially mentally retarded”.

Four of the accused face charges of sexual exploitation, human trafficking and living off the proceeds of immorality. The fifth also faces an additional charge of rape.

Court documents said the mother sold her daughter for R100, R50 and R20 and watched while a number of men raped her. She allegedly bought alcohol with the proceeds. The case was first exposed by the Daily Voice.

The girl’s mother and stepfather’s identities are being withheld.

The other accused are Maranatha Lotrict, 28, of Frankdale, and Evelina Fortuin, 30, and Denise Muller, 33, both of the Philadelphia informal settlement outside Atlantis.

Police are searching for four other people linked to the case.

The child allegedly reported the rape to her teacher.

When the mother was charged on November 12, the court heard she had been sent to Victoria Hospital for evaluation.

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