Levern Naidoo poses with her two sons.

The mother of two young boys who, drowned after their father drove his car into the Richard’s Bay harbour last week, has broken her silence and spoken out about the tragedy.

Levern Naidoo says she wakes up everyday and has to pinch herself to accept the reality that her two sons are no more.

Yuvesh, 5, and Cameron, 2, drowned after their father, Vijen Naidoo, drove his Toyota Tazz into the Richard’s Bay Harbour, in an apparent suicide.

In a five-line note, addressed to his elderly mother, Vijen blamed Levern, his wife of 11 years, for his actions.

Vijen’s sister, Sandy Naicker, told POST the couple were separated because Levern had been allegedly having an extramarital affair.

This week Naidoo denied the allegation.

“Today my husband is a murderer. You cannot take your problems out on innocent children. Never.”

On Friday (July 27) Levern said Cameron would have celebrated his third birthday.

“Last year we had a party, but this year we planned to go to McDonald’s as he loved ‘Happy Meals’. He was the most loving child.”

Levern said every morning she would wake up to a hug and kiss from Cameron.

“He slept in my bed every night, while Yuvesh slept with my mother. On Monday, before he left home he gave me a hug and told me he loves me ‘too much’. He then kissed my forehead, my cheeks, my nose and ran off. I did not expect that it would be the last time I would feel his tiny hands.”

She said Yuvesh and Cameron were extremely close.

“They got along like a house on fire. They were also friendly children and it literally took them five minutes to get along with someone. They were truly out of this world.”

Recalling the day of the tragedy, Levern said no mother should have to identify her children’s bodies.

Levern said her marriage was on the rocks from the time Vjien left to Tanzania in 2007.

“Yuvesh was six weeks old. When Vijen returned in 2009, I found e-mails from a woman and asked her about the affair which she confirmed. I tried to work on the marriage.

“We even decided to move to Newcastle for a fresh start, but every time I questioned Vijen about our marriage, he would become abusive, physically and emotionally.

“Eventually we decided to move back. He refused to even help move our stuff. I had to get boxes and my family assisted in the move. He was never willing to do anything.”

Levern said she sought a protection order from Empangeni Magistrate’s Court on Friday because she suspected he (Vijen) was up to something.

“I did not think he was capable of killing our children. I didn’t think he would take it this far. He never spoke about issues. He always bottled it up”

She confirmed he had come to Richard’s Bay a few days before the tragedy to reconcile their marriage. “I gave him too many chances. He drove me to a point where I just couldn’t do it anymore.”

Levern said she was disappointed with the allegations made by Vijen’s family.

“No one knows what happens between a husband and wife behind closed doors. People should be sympathetic, instead of making a mockery of the situation.”

Considering counselling, Levern said she didn’t know what life had in store for her.

“I don’t know how I am going to move on without my sons. They were my everything. But I am extremely grateful for the love, support and prayer from family, friends and even strangers.” - POST