Cape Town - 090127 - At Khayelitsha's Nonceba Hall on National Police Day there was a meeting to help organize how local organizations could assist the police in dealing with community issues. Photo by Skyler Reid.

Pietermaritzburg - A Pietermaritzburg motorist locked a drunk police officer in his own van, Beeld reported on Thursday.

Russell George from Prestbury said on Wednesday that he had seen a police van swerving wildly across the road on Sunday evening.

“The van turned into Victoria Road, and drove into oncoming traffic. At one stage, he stopped. I got out of my car and asked him what he was doing.”

The unidentified policeman sped off, with George in pursuit, who then called 10111.

According to George, the van stopped for a second time, at which point he confronted the drunk officer.

“I could smell the booze on him. He refused to get out of the car, so I took his keys.”

George then pulled the man out of his van, bundled him into the back and locked the door.

According to witness Khanyi Mnikathi, the police officer said it was his birthday, and that his friends had each given him a bottle of alcohol.

“He then started to cry,” Mnikathi said.

Police spokesman Joey Jeevan confirmed that the officer had been arrested, and that he had earlier been involved in a collision with his van, as well as an argument with his girlfriend, during which he had pointed a gun at her. - Sapa