Durban - The father of murdered Merebank woman Charmaine Naidoo says he will be in court on Friday to object to his daughter’s husband, who is in custody for her murder, applying for bail.

Rashid Narasiah, who became quite emotional at his son-in-law Inderesan “Alvin” Maistry’s first Durban Magistrate’s Court appearance last month, yesterday said he was shocked to hear of the new date for Maistry’s bail application.

Maistry brought an urgent application to secure a bail hearing. The matter was heard before Durban High Court Judge Johan Ploos van Amstel on Tuesday. In papers, Maistry, 44, denied he was the “boss” who ordered the hit.

Maistry and Naidoo, 32, had run a supermarket together. In February, Naidoo had just returned home from her shop in Wentworth when robbers stormed her Merebank home.

She was shoved into her Toyota Yaris and taken to KwaMakhutha where Sifiso Joyisa shot her in her right shoulder. Joyisa last month pleaded guilty to killing Naidoo and was sentenced to 40 years.

In his guilty plea he said when Naidoo did not die his co-accused Bongani Manyathi stabbed her several times and then strangled her with her shoelace. Her body was dumped and her car was abandoned in Isipingo.

Joyisa said he and his other co-accused, Mandlenksoi Jobe, had met an Asian male by the name of Maistry a few days before the murder and Jobe had said this was the “boss” who wanted the hit carried out.

Maistry argued that at his court appearance last month his attorney Mervin Dorasamy had objected to the adjournment to May 16 where he, along with the two other co-accused, would apply for bail. Dorasamy had said this was longer than the seven-day adjournment period.

He was told this was the earliest court date available and the State wished to conduct an identification parade.

“In those circumstances I have now been in custody since April 17, being 15 days as at May 2. As at the date of the signing of this affidavit, no identification parade has taken place,” read his statement.

Dorasamy had drafted a letter to the chief magistrate at the Durban Magistrate’s Court and had still not received a reply.

Maistry, a manager at the Department of Labour, said this matter had been brought before the high court on an urgent basis because he was being “unlawfully deprived of my right to liberty”.

Narasiah, who was in court for Joyisa’s guilty plea and sentence, said he would be in court tomorrow. “I don’t want him to be granted bail and he can’t return to Merebank because the community will attack him,” he said.

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