Cape Town 140603. Nomapeli Pupu( with her 3 year old Ntsindiso) and her sister Kunjulwa Ntshantsha from Siyanyanzela informal settlement in Lwandle sitting around the fire after they have been evicted by Sanral from the land they occupied illegally. Picture Cindy waxa.Reporter Zodidi/Argus

Cape Town - There were more claims on Wednesday that a child died in the eviction violence, but an investigation by authorities could not verify this.

The Cape Argus canvassed dozens of residents of Nomzamo, but the mother’s identity could not be conclusively determined.

Resident Eunice Tshikivana, with her baby strapped to her back, said she had seen a mother, whom she named as Neliswa, crying. But neither she nor any community leaders knew more.

Evicted residents charged with public violence made a brief appearance in Strand Magistrate’s Court and will reappear on June 11.

The evictions have led to a blame row between the City of Cape Town and Sanral, with the national government and Cosatu weighing in.

Sanral has accused the city of walking away from talks to find a solution for land in Siyanyanzela.

The council had abdicated responsibility for residents of Lwandle, outside Strand, said Sanral spokesman Vusi Mona said.

“Despite the city’s efforts to put the blame on Sanral, the agency’s offer to donate land to Cape Town remains open. We call on the city to rescind its decision and restart the process to find a workable solution that will benefit the poor communities affected by recent events.”

The city hit back, calling on Sanral “to come clean on the facts”.

Siyabulela Mamkeli, the mayoral committee member for human settlements, said: “The city repeatedly warned Sanral to protect their land against the continual and new land invasions.

“They were advised by the city to purchase suitably sized land to accommodate the affected households. They have not done so.”

He said the city had not objected to buying the Sanral-owned land for residents when it was discussed in 2011.

Mamkeli pleaded with Sanral to “stop this blame game and to put the needs of the residents first”.

Transport spokesman Tiyani Ponto-Rikhotso said: “Sanral used the issue of toll roads in the Western Cape as an excuse to terminate discussions on the issue.”

Cosatu spokesman Patrick Craven said Sanral’s actions were inhumane.

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