Johannesburg - Police are still trying to determine exactly how a former MK veteran was killed, after his nearly lifeless body was found in the streets of Tladi last weekend.

Freedom Mofokeng was celebrating his 46th birthday on Sunday, August 17 and had planned a big party at his home with friends.

One such friend, Victor “Bebe” Pitsi, drove around with his long-time friend as they picked up supplies for the party - a braai stand, a stereo amp, the liquor and meat.

The party went on late into the night at Mofokeng’s home, and he struggles to remember exactly when Pitsi went missing.

He had offered to allow Pitsi to spend the night on his couch, but when he was brusquely awakened the following morning, he noticed his friend was nowhere to be found.

A passer-by then opened his front gate and knocked on his door, telling Mofokeng that a severely injured man had been taken away by an ambulance a few hundred metres from his home.

Mofokeng discovered Pitsi had been taken to Zola-Jabulani District Hospital with stab wounds and massive blunt-force trauma to his head.

Pitsi was in hospital for four days, but in the early hours of Sunday morning, Mofokeng received a text message from Pitsi’s brother Ronnie saying his sibling’s battle was over.

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