Mathew Naidoo has apparently been returned to Westville Prison, after he was recently transfered to a C-Max facility in Kokstad.

The first thing Mathew Naidoo did when he returned to Westville Prison on Monday morning, was call his mother.

“I am back mom, you can visit me now”, were the words that brought relief and tears to Rita Naidoo’s eyes.

The last time Naidoo saw his mother was the first week in April, when he was taken to C-Max Prison, Kokstad.

“I was not even told they were taking him there. He called me a week later and told me about his transfer.

“I did not see my child for two months. It broke my heart. But, the trip there was a nightmare. I could not get anyone to take me. When I visited him, he appeared to be in good health and was happy. In fact, the environment there was calm and the warders were very friendly. They treated me with respect.”

Naidoo said during her visit to Kokstad, Mathew told her he was not given any reasons for his transfer.

She said it was suspected that the prison authorities were upset with Mathew for speaking to the media after he was sentenced.

Naidoo said visiting her son in prison was painful. “I can only see him once a week and there are no contact visits. I can only speak to him through a glass partition. It’s hard for me. I want to reach out to him and comfort him but I can’t.”

She said he missed home food but she could not take him any treats because it was against prison rules.

Visiting is only allowed on a Saturday. “I am only allowed 10 minutes with him.”

Speaking for the first time since her son was sentenced, Naidoo said the fact that Mathew got two life sentences while Nicolette and Hardus Lotter got off with a “slap on the wrist” was painful.

“I never wanted my son to be favoured. But, if all three of them were involved in the crime, they should have received equal sentences.”

She said Mathew never confided about what really happened.

“I was shocked and horrified at the disclosures made in court. It did not sound like something my son could do. He was never violent.

“He was taken in by Nicolette’s angelic looks. Her calm manner hypnotised him. She was his first girlfriend and he loved her. But, this turned out to be a case of love kills.”

She said she encouraged Mathew to speak the truth.

“During the court case Mathew realised Nicolette never loved him and used him as a pawn. This broke him.”

On Mathew’s planned appeal, Naidoo said papers were being drawn up.

Department of Correctional Services spokeswoman Nokuthula Zikhali, could not confirm Naidoo’s return to Westville Prison. - Daily News