New iCams are in use in Durban, capturing not just speed transgressions, but vehicles with outstanding fines and real-time traffic monitoring. Picture: Supplied
Durban – Durban drivers best obey the rules of the road as eThekwini Municipality pulls out new technology to catch offenders.

One of its new tools is the iCam cameras housed in small boxes. They could easily be mistaken for a mini electricity box, but beware: the city plans to use them around the region because they can be moved to various locations.

eThekwini Municipality spokeswoman Tozi Mthethwa said the the iCam was designed to capture speed, red-light infringements, monitor traffic and the collection of statistics for reporting and planning purposes, vehicles with outstanding fines, stolen vehicles, and monitor traffic.

Camera footage could be viewed in real time at municipal offices.

“The city has noted with concern that excessive speed is a major contributing factor to most of the fatal accidents on our roads, therefore we believe the new cameras will help our law enforcement bring to book all those who speed on our roads,” said Mthethwa.

The camera was installed in a secure compartment in line with the technical committee for standards and procedures for traffic control and traffic control equipment guidelines, she said .

“This type of traffic enforcement is being used in several municipalities around the country.”

Some people have queried whether the device was legal, saying a speed camera needed to be visible.

Mthethwa said the iCam was legal and was operated in accordance with the requisite guidelines.

“The guidelines make no reference to the cameras being visible to the driver,” she said.

The boxes were removed daily to prevent theft or vandalism. The cameras could be mounted on a tripod, she said.

The old pole-mounted cameras were for red-light violations only.