The Special Investigating Unit's final report on the Nkandla controversy has placed the blame for the soaring cost of upgrades on his architect Minenhle Makhanya.

Durban - The architect involved in the “security upgrade” to President Jacob Zuma’s Nkandla home, who is being sued by the State for more than R155 million in damages, filed a court notice on Tuesday requesting that the Special Investigating Unit (SIU) give him access to 40 documents relating to the claim it lodged against him.

Minenhle Makhanya, the architect and project manager on the Nkandla project, has filed notice of his intention to defend the action, and claims that the documents are critical to the preparation of his defence.

The SIU is suing Makhanya for allegedly authorising and overseeing the implementation of improvements and installation of security measures at Nkandla, which it alleges were “in excess and beyond the security assessments and requirements” of the police and defence force. These upgrades include a cattle kraal, chicken coop, a swimming pool, underground bunkers and an amphitheatre.

In court papers filed in the Pietermaritzburg High Court on Tuesday, Makhanya asked to be able to have access to the documents to prepare his defence.

“Take notice that the first defendant (Makhanya), for the purposes of pleading to the plaintiff’s (SIU) particulars of claim, requires that the plaintiff make available for inspection, within five days, documents listed herein below in its possession, and which are relevant to reasonably anticipated issues in the action, and allow transcriptions to be made thereof.”

The documents Makhanya is seeking from the SIU are:

1. A cabinet memorandum adopted by the national executive, which according to the particulars of claim relate to details of what Zuma was entitled to in the provision of security and protection for him and his family when he became president.

2. A South African Police Service (SAPS) report on the security assessments performed.

3. A South African National Defence Force (SANDF) report on its security assessments.

4-5. All reports of site inspections undertaken by the SAPS and the SANDF.

6. All documents indicating the determination by the department of Public Works of precise and estimated costs.

7. A proposal document presented by the SAPS to the Minister of Safety and Security, for his consideration and approval.

8. Approval by the minister of Public Works for the costs of the security measures.

9. Proposed security measures and costs document presented by the SAPS to the Department of Public Works.

10. Cost estimate document submitted by a former director of the Department of Public Works to its Planned Maintenance Budget Committee in 2009. The director is alleged to have declared the work an emergency project.

11. The Planned Maintenance Budget Committee’s authorisation of the budget, which according to the particulars of the claim was in the order of R27 893 067.46.

12. A supply chain management policy and procedures of the Department of Public Works.

13. The request and motivation provided for the appointment of Makhanya by the Department of Public Works.

14. A list of registered suppliers and database details of the Department of Public Works.

15-20. Department of Public Works internal memorandums, planning instructions and bidding documents for all the consultants and contractors on the Nkandla project. Also required is a record of all the names of the adjudicating committee and records of decision.

21. All contracts concluded between the Department of Public Works and each of the consultants and contractors relating to the security upgrades in the Nkandla project.

22. All records of agreed billing between the Department of Public Works and the consultants and contractors.

23. All Department of Public Works memorandums, internal communication documents and payment authorisation relating to Makhanya.

24. All bills, material specifications, and sizes approved in the period between 2007 and 2012 for the Prestige Projects, which included the guard houses, control rooms, on-site clinics, staff houses, crew pavilions, fence, specialised glass and glazing for other presidential residences and properties. These include Dube House in Durban, Genadendal in Cape Town, Mahlamba Ndlopfu in Pretoria and the Union Buildings in Pretoria.

25. All SAPS requirements in relation to guard houses.

26. Attendance registers of all Department of Public Works convened meetings, and minutes related to the Nkandla project, including meetings held with SAPS and SANDF and Makhanya.

27. The same goes for all SAPS convened meetings on the Nkandla project.

28. All declarations of secrecy and confidentiality signed by representatives of the Department of Public Works, SAPS, SANDF and Makhanya.

29. All signed progress payment certificates relating to the Nkandla project.

30. All cost estimate reports prepared by the Nkandla Project quantity surveyor.

31. All Department of Public Works internal memorandums and internal communications relating to the cost estimate reports.

32. All authorisations by the Department of Public Works of the cost estimate reports.

33. Motivations and cost allocation reports on Nkandla project for period 2010 to 2011.

34. The Department of Public Works Manual, which the particulars of claim state held Makhanya responsible for requesting approval from deviations.

35. All drawings authorised by SAPS, SANDF and the Department of Public Works

36. All variation orders submitted to the Department of Public Works for approval, including motivations.

37. All documents and materials relied on by Makhanya in order to respond to the particulars of claim and defend himself.

38. All documents and material Makhanya will need as a basis for the SIU allegations of excessive payments, and above market-related payments.

39. SIU final report on Nkandla, dated August 2014.

40. A request for the Department of Public Works set of payment processing documents, authorising and signed certificates, which facilitated the payments to Ilangalethu Consulting CC, trading as R&G Consultants. The SIU claims these quantity surveyors were overpaid to the tune of R6 297 925.58.

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