Andre Gouws, left, and Ambrose Monye were sentenced to life in prison for the murder of Chan�lle Henning. Picture: Phill Magakoe

Johannesburg -

Andre Gouws, who claims to have carried out his best friend’s request to have his wife Chanélle murdered, and former Nigerian Olympian athlete Ambrose Monye, who arranged the hit, were sentenced to life imprisonment on Wednesday morning for the murder.

Pretoria High Court Acting Judge Johan Kruger said there was no compelling reason for a lesser sentence even though the two had decided to “come clean” shortly before sentencing.

In December Gouws decided to spill the beans on his friend of 24 years, Nico Henning, and told the court that Henning offered him R1 million to kill Chanélle.

Initially the plan was to plant drugs on Henning’s estranged wife, but Gouws claims Henning changed his mind and asked Gouws to kill her.

Gouws told the court he never got a cent for the murder.

After Chanélle was gunned down on November 3, 2011 - shortly after dropping their son at his Faerie Glen crèche - Henning broke all ties with Gouws.

Following Henning’s alleged request to have his wife killed, Gouws contacted his acquaintance, Monye, to help. Gouws knew the drug kingpin would be able to assist.

Monye, who also “came clean” this week, said he contracted Gerhardus du Plessis, a policeman at the time, and Willem Pieterse, who worked for him, to carry out the murder.

According to Monye, the two were cash-strapped and he knew they would kill Chanélle. He also knew that Gouws, who promised him an initial payment of R50 000 and more money later, would honour this promise, as Gouws knew Monye would deal with him if he did not.

Monye received R44 000 from Gouws. The money was paid in cash a few hours after the murder.

The State this week asked the court to consider the fact that the two had assisted the court in arresting Nico Henning, who was referred to as the “Godfather” by prosecutor Gerrie Nel. He said while it was “nauseating” that the group planned to kill Chanélle, Gouws and Monye did help the State.

Du Plessis and Pieterse were earlier each sentenced to 18 years in prison for their part in the killing.

The two drug addicts confessed that they were the ones who actually gunned down Chanélle.

The man said to be the brains behind the hit - Nico Henning - was finally arrested in December, more than two years after the murder.

Henning, who was described as “stinking rich” by Monye, is out on bail and will be back in court on June 4.

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